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A story about a girl who chose the mountains over the city.

Updated: Jan 18

What is the biggest difference.

Who would choose a small town in the mountains of India when you could live in one of the coolest cities in the United Kingdom? Why would you leave a 9-5 job to utilise and embrace your skills to make a living? Why would you leave the convenience of having 24 hour supermarkets, tinned and jarred food, to cooking your meals with fresh vegetables and from scratch. I mean you fancy some nachos and you can't just go to Tesco or Morrisons to pick up a jar. Oh no... you have to blanch your tomatoes, chop your onions add in your spices and make it taste exactly the way you want. Why would you choose to live a life in and out of your car, office and home where you can spend a life you

Hi Guys, thank you for visiting my #blog. My name is Vidya and this is me blogging my life from the #Mountains in India. I am originally from England, but have always been a Desi girl, ranging from my knowledge of Bollywood to Cricket to Ayurveda. My love for Food; Indo chinese, South Indian, North Indian, and so many more every state literally have their own cuisine. Clothes; the women from different parts have a unique style of dressing setting them apart from the rest. Culture; Gujarati, Punjabi, Pahadi and the list goes on. Architecture, Religion and the History is just never ending. Dancing, bathroom singing, cooking, DIY, meditating, feeling at one with nature and creativity is what gets my juices flowing.

Bohemian - a socially unconventional person. I don't like following the crowd and I don't like being told I can't do something, if everyone is going left, I will be the one taking a right. I see things and life in an uncommon way. Handbags and designer clothes don't float my boat (and definitely not my pocket), convenience and luxury bore me. I believe as humans and being the smartest specie alive, we have the capability of doing and achieving way more than we think we do. The access to natural herbs that contain immense amount of properties allows us to provide the best nutrition for our body. Being a reiki practitioner for me, Energy is everything and everywhere, how you want to transmit it is up to the individual. Through my posts I hope to sprinkle you with some Desiness and Bohemianism.

My life in the UK.

Surrounded by love, encouragement, compassion and a hell of a lot of laughs. I have graduated with a Law degree which I absolutely loved studying for, but practicing it just didn't feel like my thing. So I got a job as a recruitment consultant (dollar signs). A good job, regular income and enough money to spend on my Friday and Saturday nights. What more can you want right? Wrong... I wasn't content, there was something inside me that ticked after the passing of my Granddad and I wished to pursue this tick. It was one of freedom, adventure, selflessness and simplicity. I didn't want the luxuries or the convenience. Everything being available at the click of a button annoyed me. Strange, but it bothered me because there are so many people in the world who don't even have access to clean water and we get annoyed when a supermarket runs out of our favourite flavour of salsa, or a dress isn't available in our size. This kind of lifestyle got to me. How are we so ignorant? So I decided to go back in time!

My Life in India.

Full of adventure, entertainment, and a lot of problem solving. Living in the holy town Rishikesh, on the foothills of the Himalayas. With only small grocery stores nearby, and me being such a big foodie it has resulted in me doing a LOT of experimenting with cooking. Being deprived of electricity for at least a couple of hours everyday at whatever time leads to finding myself in not the most comfortable of situations. Being, now what seems like a spoilt brat, I always needed hot water for a shower and would throw a hissy fit if it went cold in the middle. Now it's my daily ritual. Some of the people living around me don't even have a proper shelter, clothes that are worn and just about eat a proper meal. I spend time with these under privileged kids and they never fail to amuse me with their creativity. Being here tests my tolerance, patience and fills me with immense appreciation. I have learnt to utilise my skills and grow on them to be able to use them to provide a service to make a living. I travel through the North of India writing and taking in the culture of the various villages among the mountains, and along the way practicing #Karmayoga #lifeinrishikesh #lifeinthemountains #fromcitytomountains #travelindia

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